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Deal of the Week – 15% Off ESD Tapes!

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15% Off ESD Tapes

15% Off ESD Tapes

Wescorp™ ESD Cellulose Tape on Plastic Cores

Wescorp™ ESD Cellulose Tape on Paper Cores
Clear ESD Tape
Wescorp™ ESD Conductive Shielding Grid Tape
Wescorp™ High Temp Masking Tape
Wescorp™ ESD High Temp Polyimide Tape

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Charleswater – your source for Protektive Pak Products

Who is Protektive Pak?

  • Leading manufacturer of static control packaging
  • Protektive Pak is the packaging division of Desco Industries Inc.
  • Manufacturing facility located in Chino, CA
  • Providing COMPLETE ESD Packaging Solutions
    • Storage Containers
    • Trays
    • Tape
    • Bags
    • Foam

What Makes Protektive Pak unique?
Impregnated Corrugated Material

  • Impregnated corrugated material; greater durability than coated or painted material:
  • Static dissipative surface of 10E6 – 10E8 ohms
  • Buried shielding layer minimizes sloughing and rub-off contamination
  • Made from 100% recycled material, and is 100% recyclable
  • Reusable, ensuring best value
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    Protektive Pak’s Top Items

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