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15% Off ESD Lab Coats

ESD Lab Coats

72120 – ESD Lab Coat, Women, X-Small
72121 – ESD Lab Coat, Women, Small
72122 – ESD Lab Coat, Women, Medium
72123 – ESD Lab Coat, Women, Large
72124 – ESD Lab Coat, Women, X-Large
72125 – ESD Lab Coat, Men, Small
72128 – ESD Lab Coat, Men, X-Large
72129 – ESD Lab Coat, Men, XX-Large

  • Comfortable ESD dissipative lab coats are ideal for any production environment in which sensitive items (ESDS) are being handled.
  • The coats offer ESD protection using the principle of the Faraday cage shielding ESDS from electrostatic charges on operator’s clothing.
  • The buttons at the front have an overlap which avoids direct contact with parts.
  • 2 side pockets and 1 breast pocket.
  • International ESD symbol on breast pocket.
  • Coats are CE certified

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What is a Faraday Cage?

by Gene Felder

A Faraday cage or Faraday shield is an enclosure formed by conducting material or by a mesh of such material. Such an enclosure blocks external static and non-static electric fields. Faraday cages are named after the English scientist Michael Faraday, who invented them in 1836. An impressive demonstration of the Faraday cage effect is that of an aircraft being struck by lightning. This happens frequently, but does not harm the plane or passengers. The metal body of the aircraft protects the interior. For the same reason, a car may be a safe place to be in a thunderstorm.

ESD control products that provide a Faraday Cage or shielding include Charleswater Statshield® Metal-In Bags, and Statshield® Metal-Out Bags, Protektive Pak™ impregnated corrugated with shielding layer when using a lid, and Conductive Totes. Charleswater ESD Lab Coats create a Faraday Cage effect around the torso and arms of the operator and shields charges from the operator’s clothing from damaging ESD sensitive devices. (Technically, suppressing the electrical field from clothing worn underneath).

There are standard tests measuring the energy penetration of electrostatic discharges to the interior. The Shielding test method per EN 61340-5-1 Packaging table 4 is ANSI/ESD STM11.31 and the required limit is less than 50 nanoJoules of energy.

The EN 61340-5-1 Edition 1.0 2007-08 Introduction includes “ESD protection can be achieved by enclosing ESD sensitive products in static protective materials, although the type of material depends on the situation and destination. Inside an EPA, low charging and static dissipative materials may provide adequate protection. Outside an EPA, low charging and static discharge shielding materials are recommended.” []

Faraday cage
“A conductive enclosure that attenuates a stationary electrostatic field.”

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) shield
“A barrier or enclosure that limits the passage of current and attenuates an electromagnetic field resulting from an electrostatic discharge.”

Electrostatic shield
“A barrier or enclosure that limits the penetration of an electrostatic field.”

Note: EN 61340-5-1 Edition 1.0 2007-08 can be purchased from the IEC website.

What happens if you staple ESD Bags shut?


What happens if you staple ESD Bags shut? Does that damage the ESD Bag’s effectiveness? What if the ESD Bag is heat sealed shut & a staple on the seam is used to attach paperwork?


Charleswater ESD Shielding Bags have a layer of metalized film which creates continuous conductive enclosure or Faraday Cage to provide electrostatic shielding protecting the ESD sensitive devices placed inside the Bag. The use of stapling to close ESD Bags is counter productive and not recommended. The metal staple provides a conductive path from the outside of the ESD Bag to the inside. The use of a metal staple would undermine the effectiveness of the ESD Bag making a conductive path for charges outside the Bag to charge outside the Bag to charge or discharge to ESD sensitive components inside the Bag.

To close the ESD Bag, it is recommended to heat seal, or use Charleswater ESD Labels after the opening of the bag has been folded over.

To view Charleswater ESD Labels Click Here

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Carefully locating the staple to only the seam of the Charleswater Statshield® Bag would theoretically make it part of the “continuous conductive enclosure” and be acceptable. However, we are not aware of any end user using this method and cannot recommend it. The staple would be an exposed conductor that could charge or discharge to ESD sensitive devices.

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Choose Your Static Control Bag From Charleswater

Why Choose Charleswater Static Control Bags?

We refuse to put your products at risk. We use only the highest quality materials in our full line of static control bags. Charleswater Shielding and Moisture Barrier Bags are made in America at our Canton, Massachusetts facility on specially designed bag machines. Charleswater Bubble, Bubble Shielding, Pink Antistatic and Black Conductive Bags are made in the United Kingdom at our Letchworth facility.

Outside an ESD protected area, the objective of ESD protective packaging is to prevent a direct electrostatic discharge to the ESD sensitive item contained within, and allow for dissipation of charges from the exterior surface. In addition, the packaging should minimize charging of the ESD sensitive item in response to an external electrostatic field and triboelectrification. If the user does not know the sensitivity of the items being used, static shielding packaging should be used.

Determining The Correct Bag For Your Application:


  1. A. Select the bag material from our website:
  2. B. Request a sample of the material
  3. C. Evaluate the material


  1. A. Width is measured from inside seam to inside seam.
  2. B. Length is measured from the top of the opening to the bottom of the bag.
  3. C. Opening is the Width dimension.

Charleswater Bag Selection Chart

Charleswater can manufacture a variety of different configuration of bags to fit your application. See below for some examples of our capabilities.

Statshield® Metal-In Shielding Bags:

ESD bags which protect ESD sensitive items. The ESD shielding limits energy penetration from electrostatic charges and discharge. They offer good see-through clarity. Available with and without dissipative zipper.

Statshield® Metal-Out Shielding Bags:

Integral antistatic and low tribocharging bags which will not electrostatically charge contents during movement. Bags have an aluminum metal outer layer of laminated film. Available with and without dissipative zipper.

Statshield® Moisture Barrier Bags:

Offer ESD and moisture protection and can be used to pack SMD reels or trays.

Bubble Shielding Bags:

These bags combine the “Faraday Cage” and mechanical protection.

They shield about twice as well as normal shielding bags of equivalent size.

Pink Antistatic Bags:

Economical bags which are made of polyethylene. They are for use with non-ESD sensitive items destined for use in an EPA. The bags are 0.07mm thick. Available with and without zipper.

Pink Antistatic Bubble Bags:

ESD bags which are made of pink-tinted, amine-free, antistatic polyethylene. They provide good mechanical protection.

Conductive Black Bags:

Tough and puncture resistant bags which are made of linear polyethylene with carbon added. The bags are 0.07mm thick and are heat sealable.

Introducing New ESD White Lab Coats



  • Comfortable ESD dissipative lab coats are ideal for any production environment in which sensitive items (ESDS) are being handled
  • The coats offer ESD protection using the principle of the Faraday cage shielding ESDS from electrostatic charges on operator’s clothing
  • The buttons at the front have an overlap which avoids direct contact with parts

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Item Description Price
72120 Female, X – Small £49.29
72121 Female, Small £49.29
72122 Female, Medium £49.29
72123 Female, Large £49.29
72124 Female, X – Large £49.29
Item Description Price
72125 Male, Small £49.29
72126 Male, Medium £49.29
72127 Male, Large £49.29
72128 Male, X – Large £49.29
72129 Male, XX – Large £49.29
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